Our Horses


13.2hh and 13 years old.  Toby has done a bit of everything.  He has been to pony club,  and out competing in working equitation, showjumping, showhunter and ribbon days. Toby was one of the horses we took to Equidays 2018 Top Talent.  He also does treks at the beach and road rides. Toby is fun to ride bareback and he is very smart (he can take the halter off another horse).  He has even been on TV in a commercial.


Hugo is a 15.2hh clydesdale mix.  At 24 years old he has been there and done that and is an excellent confidence builder for complete beginners.  Hugo was a showjumper competing at heights over 1m in younger years and he has done pony club and many ribbon days as well.  In his later years he has been trained in vaulting, carried RDA riders, competed in working equitation and loves going on beach rides.  Hugo is very easy to ride, without being a kick along horse.  He appears frequently with the Waimauku Vaulting Club. Hugo was our star horse in our Equidays 2018 Top Talent performance.


15.2hh and 8 years old, Gino is a relaxed young horse who likes to play. He loves food as well as impressing people with his skills, including bowing, picking up objects, standing on a platform and the spanish walk.  Gino started his showing career in early 2017.  He has had plenty of experience in other areas, including beach riding, road riding, and is a  beginner vaulting horse (appearing on Country TV with the Waimauku Vaulting Club).


14.1hh and 10 years old, Lily has had two seasons competing in ribbon days and showjumping, and more recently working equitation.  Lily is a kind mare who loves cuddles.  She spends regular time at the beach and has done many road rides as well.